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While it is common for dog owners to overlook their furry friend’s need for attention sometimes, it does not mean you should make a habit out of it. If you care for your pet, you should at least be sensitive to their needs. If you think you’ve been leaving your dog in your home far too often, maybe it’s time to take them out or let your pet dog enjoy the facilities and activities as an inclusion to a full dog sitting & boarding service package.

Dog sitting in Evanston, IL.

While you’re away, your pet dog can get too lonely, and locking them up in your apartment will never make them feel any better. With the timely dog boarding services offered by Doggy Love Camp to dog owners in Evanston, IL, you get an instant dog sitter! Despite not being able to attend to your dog’s needs right away, you have a team of dog lovers who will do what you can’t any moment.

We Offer Exactly What Your Dog Needs

If you used to worry about your canine friend a lot, you no longer will if you leave your pet dogs under our care while you’re away. We provide them with the right amount of entertainment, enjoyment, care, and affection. Even when you can’t be there for them yet, we will make sure they will not feel your absence enough not to make them feel lonely.

Why Trust Professional Dog Sitters

We understand how protective you are of your pets to the point that you won’t just entrust them to anyone. With the boarding facilities we made available especially for dogs, we guarantee to provide your pets professional supervision and┬ádog sitting. Whatever the activities they would engage in, we will see to it that we will look after them. We also make sure they’re well-fed and properly hydrated throughout their stay.


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Doggy Love Camp offers professional dog sitting & boarding services in Evanston, IL. We make a reliable team to look after your dog whenever you need us to. Call us at (773) 465-3743 today!