We Offer Boarding in Our Dog Day Care Center!

Are you about to go on a long road trip with your family? Perhaps your Golden Retriever needs to be boarded for training purposes. Or maybe your little angel is suffering from separation anxiety disorder and needs to be with their favorite humans. Whatever your reason is to board your dogs, you can count on Doggy Love Camp for the job. Our experts provide top-notch care for dogs in Evanston, IL, and we offer limited online booking for our dog day care center.

The Benefits of Canine Boarding

Does your razor-sharp terrier mix need a break from regular walks? Perhaps you want to spend quality time with your beloved canine without worrying about them escaping your property. Boarding them can be ideal when you need to go out of town. Your dog will have a comfortable place to stay that is tailored to its specific needs and won’t feel any separation anxiety from you. We know what our boarders love to do, which is why we always take the time to get to know them and determine what activities will keep them happy and healthy. That’s why we design a schedule that suits their preferences and ensures they get their fair share of playtime and walks.

Why Should You Let Your Dog Board With Us?

Our day-to-day boarders are those dogs that need a bit of peace and quiet to help them relax. When you entrust your fur baby with us, he or she will receive the love and care they deserve in our boarding facility. We make sure that each dog has a peaceful stay in our facility. We always use high-quality dog food, fresh water, and wholesome, high-quality dog treats. Your dog will receive the best care in our care, and you can count on us to give your pet a few days of rest and relaxation.

Want to learn more about our other great services offered in our dog day care center in Evanston, IL? If so, contact Doggy Love Camp at (773) 465-3743.